AIR+ 3
True Wireless earbuds

Powerful Sound.
Unmatched Silence.

Enhance your listening experience with our cutting-edge active noise cancellation technology. Our latest generation boasts an impressive 3x improvement in ANC performance compared to previous generation models, thanks to its ultra-wide bandwidth and remarkable depth. Enjoy a pristine audio experience as AIR+3 optimized system effectively eliminates crackling noise and reduces background noise.

Active Noise Cancelling

Leave the noise behind

Enhance your listening experience with our state-of-the-art active noise cancellation technology. Our new generation AIR+3 offers an impressive triple improvement in ANC performance compared to previous models.

High-Fidelity Sound

Small but mighty!

The new 11mm dynamic driver with four times the radiating surface delivers a sound like never before! The AIR+ 3 is based on Libratone’s renowned Nordic Audio Tuning philosophy, offering rich and perfectly balanced sound across the entire frequency range.

24 hours of sound

Listen (almost) endlessly

Need more juice? Simply place the headphones in the wireless charging case. It provides 3 full charges — for a total of 24 hours of battery life. The case has a USB-C port, or why not trying the wireless Libratone COIL charging station. One less cable again.

Improved Design

Compact and stylish

The newly designed earphones in a streamlined case that perfectly combines ergonomic principles with individual aesthetics. Carefully selected and durable materials ensure a high-quality touch and feel.

Device management

Connect to 5 devices

You can connect the AIR+3 to up to 5 devices and effortlessly switch between them by tapping the earbuds. Shuffle between your smartphone, tablet, and notebook. Each device is assigned a color on the front LED strip (configurable in the app).

Dust and splash proof

Ready for all activities

The AIR+3 is dust, sweat, and splash-resistant with an IP54 rating, making the buds suitable for any weather and every activity. Whether you’re at the gym or jogging in the rain, the AIR+3 can handle it all.

Premium Materials

All-Day Comfort. Always!

Through years of research and continuous refinement, the ergonomic design ensures a pleasant and comfortable wearing experience. Crafted for sensitive skin to ensure allergy-free, worry-free extended usage.

Explore features

Crystal Clear Calls

The dual voice enhancement technology in acoustics and vibration ensures excellent call quality even in noisy environments.

Enhanced Precision Control

Ultra-responsive to touch, whether you’re using the AIR+3 with your fingertip or gloves. Double or triple tap the earbuds to control your music. Customize functions in the Libratone app.

Eco friendly packaging

Entirely made of biodegradable plant fibers.


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