TRACK+ (2nd Gen)
Bluetooth earphones

Ultra light and Super comfort.

Meet our wireless TRACK+ (2nd Gen). Immerse yourself in full sound and turn everything else off. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the way to work, working out, traveling or simply relaxing: TRACK+ (2nd Gen) is your constant companion.

Product features

Smart noise cancelling CityMix® (ANC)

With 20 levels of adjustable active noise cancellation, you can customize the level of noise cancellation to suit the environment anytime, anywhere.

Be aware of your surroundings

In the specially tuned running mode, TRACK+ (2nd Gen) automatically adjust the noise suppression. In this way, you perceive your surroundings with all your senses and, for example, are safe on the road when running in the city. Unpleasant background noises are still significantly suppressed.

Dust, Sweat and Splash Proof

TRACK+ (2nd Gen) is dust-, sweat- and splashproof up to IP54 – suitable for any weather and activity. So, you don’t have to give you buds days off. If you can do it, these earbuds most likely can do it too.

Lightweight companion

Weighing just below 29g, TRACK+ 2 (2nd Gen) is unbelievably light, lean, and flexible. It is very pocket friendly as well, thanks to the super soft and tangle-free material.

Use of multiple devices

You can connect the TRACK+ (2nd Gen) to up to three devices and easily switch between smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. The function can be adjusted in the Libratone app.

Magnetic earbuds

Built-in magnets make it convenient to power off and help secure earbuds around neck. When putting your TRACK+ (2nd Gen) away, the magnetic attachment of the earbuds prevents the cables from tangling.

Tech Specs


Length 812 mm
Weight: 29g


Up to 14 hours of active use
Charged through USB-C
Fully charged in 1.5h for 14h working time
Charge only 5m for 1hr playtime

Music and content services

Play anything through Bluetooth.

Libratone App

Available through Apple App Store and Google Play.



Driver units

2 x 11,8 mm.

Active Noise Cancelling

20 dB (max).

In the box

TRACK+ (2. Gen) Earphones
USB-C Charging Cable
Quick Guide, Warning Sheet       
5 Eartip sizes, including sport-tips