Small Bluetooth speaker

Sound takes flight.

It’s small. It’s fun. It’s intuitive. Meet BIRD, our freshly hatched wireless Bluetooth speaker and your new best friend. With BIRD we bring our brand to life in a charming, colourful speaker packed with easy to use features. The perfect gift for you and your loved ones.


Free as a bird

Like our feathered friends, BIRD can sit almost everywhere. BIRD is happy to perch to any metallic surface thanks to its magnetic base. And with a separate, optional holder you can also give BIRD its own permanent nest.

Touch controls

Bond with BIRD

We made BIRD fun to use. The interactive touch controls bring BIRD to life. Turn its head to switch on the speaker or tap on its forehead to make BIRD chirp and activate your voice assistant.

Listen together

One for the love BIRDS

BIRDs are best in a flock. For more sound and more fun you can easily connect two and make them sing together.

Voice control

Chirp with your BIRD

You can bring BIRD to life and see it chirp responses to your voice commands by adding your chosen voice assistant.


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